Blazer trends 2019: bold trends of blazer for men 2019, sport jacket 2019 and mens sport coats 2019 1

Blazer trends 2019: bold trends of blazer for men 2019, sport jacket 2019 and mens sport coats 2019

In 2019 every man will be able to choose stylish and suitable blazers, sports coats and from huge range of stylish options suggested by fashion designers. You should take into account a large number of factors when choosing your outwear. Material, size, even manufacturer is very important. Let’s review what blazer trends 2019 are suggested by fashion designers.

In our article you’ ll also find out what styles and trends of blazer for men 2019, mens sport coats 2019 and sport jacket 2019 are suggested by fashion designers.


Blazer trends 2019: fashion ideas

What blazer trends for 2019 are offered by fashion designers?

Patch pockets on modern blazers 2019

Models with patch pockets are versatile. Blazers with patch pockets can be worn as strict clothing and can be part of everyday wardrobe in 2019. Most often, cuts of blazers with patch pockets are left untreated. You should choose high-quality expensive materials for blazer in order to look decent.


Classic blazer for men 2019

Classic style blazer allows emphasizing masculinity of your shape. Blue, gray and black hues considered bold colors in blazer trends 2019. Restrained prints on classic style blazer will allow wearing it in casual bows.

Original design of blazer’s cut-outs

Fashion 2019 is characterized by active use of creative design elements. Non-standard form of collars, original cuts and other design methods that are not typical for strict clothing are found in blazer trends 2019.


Leather blazers for 2019

Leather blazers are practical and certainly manly option for 2019. Synthetic leather is also one of main materials used in blazers. Choose straight or fitted blazers to stay trendy in 2019. Therefore, there is no need for additional decor and shaped delights on blazers.

Velvet and velour blazers for men 2019

Velvet plush blazer for men 2019 requires appropriate motive and mood. You should take care of velvet blazer color and texture combination with trousers, as well as addition of suitable sweater or knitted vest. Velvet blazers and sports shoes will look perfect together in 2019 and higly recomended by fashion designers.

Versace and Roberto Cavalli demonstrated stylish harmony of blazers and sports shoes combinations in their fashion shows 2019. They truly dictate blazer trends 2019.


Blazer for men 2019: fashion brands

Lets find out what kaind of styles and blazer trends 2019 are suggested by fashion designers.

Short or cropped models of blazer for men 2019

Short blazers have some requirements for their owners. Man should have good shape. Choice of pants will have to be approached more carefully. Style and fabric of pants should be perfect.

Cropped blazer for 2019 can be made from leather, suede or denim. Short or cropped blazer is great option for military-style. Also, cropped blazer made from velour will look marvelous. You can find great option of cropped blazers in fashion collections 2019 of John Lewis, Ted Baker and Hugo Boss.


Oversized blazer for men 2019

Oversized blazers give additional volume to mens figure, but also require good body shape. Oversized blazers can exacerbate disadvantages associated with fullness.

Oversized blazer and skinny pants will look perfect in 2019. Catch ideas of oversized blazer for men 2019 in fashion shows of Farfetch, Zara and Hermes.

Double-breasted blazer for men 2019

Only buttoned double-breasted blazer is found in fashion trends 2019. Otherwise, double-breasted blazer will lose its specific features. You can find extravagant options of double-breasted blazers for men 2019 in fashion collections brands like Giorgio Armani and Burberry.

Single-breasted blazers 2019

Single-breasted blazers are the most common and practical options of blazer for men 2019. Matte color single-breasted blazers in discreet shades are found in blazer trends 2019. Pick up blazer with printed cuffs for festive look in 2019.

Single-breasted blazers are recommended for owners of small belly. You can find single-breasted blazers in 2019 fashion shows of Mast & Harbour and Van Heusen.


Blazer trends 2019: voguish colors and patterns

Blazers in classic shades have got firm place in blazer trends 2019. Checkered blazers are also found in 2019 fashion trends. Checkered blazers will look elegant and aristocratic especially with pastel color shirts in 2019.

Get acquainted with mens shirts 2019 trends.

Classic blue, black, gray, color of Marsala, mustard, yellowish beige colors and their shades are found in blazer trends 2019. Checkered patterns and stripes in these shades will look amazing in 2019. Mens blazers with contrasting lapels, cuffs or other inserts also worth paying attention in 2019.


Mens sport coats 2019: fashion brands and stylish trends

Sports coats are suitable for every social situation, from casual parties to dinners with woman. Let’s find what styles of mens sport coats 2019 are in fashion trends.

Mens sport coats 2019 waist-belted with folds and patch pockets

Waist-belted mens sport coats with folds and patch pockets, as in Robert Graham’s fashion collections are very trendy in 2019.

Cotton and linen mens sport coats

Nautica’s cotton and linen mens sport coats for 2019 look very marvelous. Have a look through Nautica’s fashion shows for 2019 and choose to your sport coat for 2019.


Soft-shouldered double-breasted mens sport coats 2019

Soft-shouldered double-breasted sports coats are also found in blazer trends 2019. Geoffrey Beene’s fashion collections for 2019 are full of double-breasted sports coats.

Corduroy mens sport coats 2019

Corduroy is perfect fabric for sports coats. Corduroy is tough but looks perfect with practical accents like patch pockets and elbow patches. Look through fashion collections of Miuccia Prada’s and find your model from mens sport coats 2019 fashion trends.

Try to wear mens sport coats with jeans, trainers and T-shirt, it will give you perfect and stylish look in 2019. Mens sport coats with flannel trousers, shirt, tie and V-neck jumper will give man sophisticated look in 2019.

Prodaction of fashion houses like Barena,  Marks & Spencer and Hackett is considered as one of best for producing mens sport coats 2019.

Choose light blue, brown, grey and soft pink colored mens sport coats in 2019.


  Sport jacket 2019: fashion ideas and tips

Textured and patterned material is found in sport jackets for 2019. Sport jackets in dark colors have got place in fashion 2019.

What do you need to know about sport jacket 2019 trends?

Avoid choosing sport jacket 2019 with overall patterns and heavy tweed fabric. Overall patterns and tweed are out of fashion 2019.

Combination of sports jacket with denim or corduroy is appropriate for outdoor activities and leisure. Marc Jacobs has used sports jacket with denim outfits in his fashion collections of sport jacket 2019.


Navy as sport jacket 2019 with unpaired trousers can be confidently worn for business events. Catch ideas for navy sport jacket in Firetrap’s and Karrimor’s fashion collections for 2019.

Avoid to decorate breast pocket with emblem, it’s considered untrendy in 2019.

Dark blue sport jacket 2019

Dark blue or colored single-breasted sport jacket 2019 are modern and versatile. Combine dark blue single-breasted sports jacket with denim trousers for the more sophisticated look in 2019.

Brands like Adidas and Ralph Lauren have suggested sophisticated single-breasted sports jackets in fashion collections of 2019.


You should forget about sports jacket and blazer for serious life events, such as wedding. Follow link to learn about wedding suits for men 2019.

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