Mens Shirts 2019: Stylish Men Fashion Shirt 2019 Trends, Ideas and Colors (Photos+Videos) 1

Mens Shirts 2019: Stylish Men Fashion Shirt 2019 Trends, Ideas and Colors (Photos+Videos)

Shirt is very special element of men’s wardrobe.

It can easily turn the most ordinary guy into object of desire of many ladies, magically highlighting advantages and concealing flaws.

Properly chosen shirts are slim, make body more prominent, visually, of course.  Shirts can be worn not only on their own, but also in combination with jackets, vests, sweaters, and cardigans. Let’s see what styles and trends of mens shirts 2019 are in fashion.

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Mens shirts 2019: trendy ideas

Checkered shirts

Men’s checkered shirts have long ceased to be attribute of exclusively young people, punk lovers in all its manifestations. Fashion gurus like Fendy, Dior, Gucci and other fashion houses offer to have several items of checkered mens shirts 2019 in their wardrobe, differing in color and purpose. All types of cells are actual, except for excessively large. Cage is perfectly combined with monotonous bottom, so you won’t have problems with creating outfits.


Mens shirts 2019 with stripes

Shirts with stripes can be called classic, especially when it comes to ultrathin vertical strip and strict cut. In context of modern fashion, width of lines, as well as their color and location can be absolutely anything. So, on a pair with boring models, you have chance to choose something funny and catchy and not look funny or ridiculous.


Denim Shirts 2019

Denim mens shirts 2019 are also in trend. Once used as uniform for workers, they have undergone many changes and have become one of top elements of wardrobe of strong part of humanity. There are a lot of models of denim shirts and they are all relevant in modern fashion.

You can wear denim oversize shirt with naked body, T-shirt, jersey, thin cardigan or even another shirt. Fitted model looks strictly, which means it will help out on dates, issues or it will be great option for going to work. Pay attention to denim total bow – outfit fully assembled of denim clothing. Such clothing will certainly appeal to stylish men.


Mens shirts 2019: modish trends

Shirts with print

Drawing print on fabric of fashionable shirt is very responsible matter for designers. Striped shirts are always in fashion, but designers applied similar pattern as partial detailing. In mens shirts 2019, imposition of prints on one another and combination of different patterns of fabrics in design of one shirt model are also relevant.


Shirts with zippers

In today’s world, it’s customary to simplify everything in order to make life more convenient. As example, we can bring shirts in which, instead of endless buttons, there is zipper. Caring designers made this little thing in classic and casual way so that it could be used in any situation.


Men fashion shirt 2019: black and white shirts

According to designers, wardrobe of any man should have white and black shirt. The first is universal and you can wear it with everything and always. The second is not lagging behind in practicality, but in addition to this, it also advantageously adjusts figure.

In addition to these classic options, designers advise paying attention to bright large prints, geometric and oriental patterns, applications and decorative accessories. Monochrome style is also in men fashion shirt 2019 trends. It will be great if you manage to find shirt and pants not only of same color but also from same fabric.


Tips for choosing black and white shirts in 2019

In fashionable series of white shirts, it is worthwhile to separately distinguish couple of the most trending items by type of collar: models with stand and bow tie. Also in fashion, products with ethnic motifs.

As for black, even despite its tendency to unconditional elegance, all examples look quite simple and at ease. Contrast between black and white looks very organic and impressive.


Men fashion shirt 2019: stylish shirt details

The most fashionable mens shirts 2019 will be classic model with adjoining silhouette, long sleeves, and turn-down collar. Men who prefer military style should pay attention to shirts with stand-up collar.

Patch pockets and shoulder straps will also complement look. Original pockets and hidden fasteners are details that will complement men fashion shirt 2019.

We can’t say that shirts with short sleeves should be removed away in closet. For summer, polo is still relevant. Need to always get ready fast, but at the same time be in trend? In this case, pay attention to shirts without buttons.


Lightning bolts and buttons are what replaced them. Belt collars and butterflies, and also models without collar are considered trendy.

Mens shirts 2019 trends: voguish colors and prints

Color options are replenished with palette of bright, rich, dense shades. In this regard, there is almost complete compliance with women clothes 2019 trends. The most popular colors in mens shirts 2019 trends are white – relevant for classics; deep dark blue; gray from the lightest to the darkest tones; brown with red notes; bright purple; muted emerald green. If you are choosing shirt for wedding, you need to know about wedding suits for men 2019 trends.

Similar to a combination of different fabrics, colors are combined. Contrast shades are used for slats, cuff collars. The same, only differing by one or two tones, are used on pockets.


Fashionable red mens shirts 2019

Red color is the one of main mens shirts 2019 trends. Thus, we were able to observe large number of stylish red mens shirts 2019 on catwalks. This shirt looks luxurious in a pair with classic black suit or pants. Suit for such shirt should be in soothing shades.


Pink mens shirts 2019

In mens shirts 2019 trends, designers announced pink as new black for men’s collections. This trend is used by Fendi and Valentino, Oliver Spencer and Dunhill. Painted in pink color, in men’s collections, you can find everything – from accessories to outerwear.

The most fashionable shade is pink yarrow – rather subdued, restrained and delicated color.

But designers were not limited to only pink yarrow.


Brands like  Ami Paris, Comme des Garcons and Billionaire presented bright pink shirts and jackets, although shades from medium-pink to pastel shades are considered the most popular. Tom Ford even released pink jeans for men.

Mens summer shirts 2019: summer bows

Mens shirts 2019 with emphasis on pockets

In hot season will be popular mens shirts 2019 with clear focus on pockets. They may differ in color from rest of product, or they may be sewn from another material, for example, from leather.


Men’s Sleeveless Shirts

Summer is hot time that requires minimum of clothing, which is why designers of leading brands have offered men a lot of models of sleeveless men’s shirts for 2019. Some options can even be put on in the office if you take into account company’s not too strict dress code.


Transparent mens summer shirts 2019

Fashion for translucent clothes came into mens summer shirts 2019 trend. Shirts from translucent materials on male body look stunning, and some men just need to buy them!

Fashionable prints on mens summer shirts 2019

For summer bow, you can freely choose very bright shirt with original and colorful print. On mens summer shirts 2019 can be depicted anything: flowers, animals, abstract patterns. Shirts with specific pattern in full size of product are also relevant.


If bright shirts are not in your taste, and you are not ready to stand out so strongly from crowd, then consider shirt option in achromatic colors.


As you can see, even such wardrobe element as men’s shirt has undergone some changes to hot season. You can buy a few shirts in usual style, or you can try something new for yourself! By the way, classic plain shirts are not out of fashion in 2019, and undisputed leaders among plain shirts will be pink.











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