Mens Winter Coats 2019: Trends and Gorgeous Ideas for Mens Designer Coats 2019 (Photos+Videos) 1

Mens Winter Coats 2019: Trends and Gorgeous Ideas for Mens Designer Coats 2019 (Photos+Videos)

The latest collections of mens winter coats 2019 are full of the most diverse modern models.

Many mods will like stylish duffle coats, fur coats with hoods, polo coats, etc. Contrasting edging, layering, natural textures and fitted silhouettes are in mens designer coats 2019 fashion trends. Let’s see what other trends are offered by eminent designers for coats for men 2019.


Mens winter coats 2019: fashion trends

Stylish prints for mens winter coats 2019

Cell remains at peak of popularity in 2019 fashion. Cell is the most actively used in classic clothes in fashion 2019.

Strip also didn’t disappear from fashion 2019 trends. Camouflage is another favorite male print for mens winter coats 2019. Color combinations are mostly classical or with stains close in tone to main color.

Actual colors for mens winter coats 2019

In fashion 2019 will be relevant such shades as:

Caramel Toffee

Caramel toffee shade will perfectly fit into autumn fashion 2019. Caramel toffee hue goes well with leather goods and corduroy outfits in 2019.


Misty purple

Misty purple color will be perfect base color when creating image in 2019. Misty purple shade will look harmoniously with garments of deeper tone in 2019 fashion.

Indigo color mens winter coats 2019

Indigo color is perfectly combined with orange and gray. Indigo color prevails in everyday and strict style mens winter coats 2019.

Coats for men 2019: trendy ideas

Classic coats for men 2019

Mens coat 2019 of classic cut are presented in restrained colors. Collections are dominated by blue, turquoise, cobalt, and traditional black colors. Double-breasted Redington and single-breasted Crombie coats are stylish options of coats for men 2019.

Salvatore Ferragamo suggests classic coats which are complemented by English collar and graphic cut. Monochrome, large wooden buttons, inside pockets are preserved in the latest designer novelties 2019 of Salvatore Ferragamo. Volume textures, boucle wool, cashmere, tweed are stylish trends of mens winter coats 2019.


Polo coats for men 2019

Minimalism will remain popular with modern men in 2019 fashion. Polo coats are made in minimalist style in fashion 2019. Hugo Boss in his fashion collection of mens winter coats 2019 presented interesting strict cut coats with lowered armhole, which creates smooth line of shoulders.

Raf Simons’ polo coats are sewn without extra details and perfectly combined with classic men’s clothing in 2019. Raf Simons offers interesting democratic new polo coats up to mid-thigh. Natural dense materials were chosen as a heater.

Polo coats for men 2019 are stylish options for businessmen and office fashion 2019. Leather gloves or knitted mitts will be stylish addition to polo coat in 2019 fashion.

Mens smart coats 2019: voguish options

Duffle coats for men 2019

New duffle coats for men 2019 have interesting and unusual cut. Duffle coats with bright decorative elements, functional buttons are the most marvelous options for 2019 look. Duffle coats stand out with rich colors against the rest of winter monotony in 2019 fashion.

You can find red, turquoise, blue, black, brown duffle coats in fashion collections of mens smart coats 2019.

MSGM fashion brand offers brown coats for those who prefer more relaxed options. Bright clasps and decorative loops noticeably transform such coat and make it extraordinarily stylish.

Models of MSGM’s duffle coats are perfectly combined with any style shoes and trousers. Slim pants and sneakers will look perfect with duffle coats in 2019 fashion. Follow the link to know more about mens shoes 2019 trends and ideas.


Fur mens smart coats 2019

Elegant coats of medium length are the most fashionable options in 2019 fashion. Designers have tried to avoid very sharp contrasts in colors for 2019. Many models of fur coats have shortened sleeves, fur hoods, functional accessories.

Versace preferred minimalism for mens smart coats 2019. Versace’s fur coats are distinguished by neat English collars, presence of windbreak, absence of unnecessary details.

Mens designer coats 2019: stylish options

Retro 70’s in mens designer coats 2019

Prada designers presented retro collection 2019 in which are observed all tendencies of the 70’s. Coats are sewn of velvet, wool, tweed in fashion 2019. Expressive materials don’t cause unpleasant impression, ennobles modern mod and makes him real dandy. Retro mens designer coats 2019 look harmonious without too much pathos.

Boho style mens designer coats 2019

Boho style: wine and brick shades, checkered print, winning effects and details gained popularity in 2019 fashion. Gucci’s retro novelties are made of luxurious dense materials that will be ideal option for fall 2019 fashion. You can find insulated models of coats in boho style in Gucci’s 2019 fashion collections.


Mens coat 2019: what do famous designers offer?

Mens coat 2019 from Calvin Klein

Mens coat 2019 from Calvin Klein collection are characterized by clean lines and sleek designs. Again, no surprises, white, beige, black, length below the knee are in Calvin Klein’s fashion collection of mens winter coats 2019.

Mens smart coats 2019 from Dior Homme

Mens coat 2019 from Dior Homme collection departs from conciseness of conventional fashion, presenting fresh look at possibilities of men’s wardrobe. You can notice men’s capes, sleeveless coats, vinyl coats and expressive military style on fashion podium 2019 of Dior Homme.

Dolce & Gabbana’s mens smart coats 2019

Men’s collection 2019 of Dolce & Gabbana brand looks impressive. Mens winter coats 2019 shown on the catwalk of Dolce & Gabbana will suit only self-confident men.

Especially catchy looked coats like bathrobes, officer-style coat with golden buttons with floral prints. Dolce & Gabbana offers to warm with long mens designer coats 2019 with floral patterns.


Mens overcoats 2019: fashion looks

Blue cashmere mens overcoats 2019

Blue cashmere mens overcoats 2019 can be combined with other calmer elements of wardrobe. For example, Dries Van Noten suggests combining double-breasted mens overcoats 2019 with reserved cloak. It will allow you to create massive multi-layer composition.

Iceberg and Jil Sander offer mens winter coats 2019 with belt of the most restrained cut. Image will be light and elegant.

Yellow cashmere mens overcoats 2019

Canali, Burberry, Margaret Howell surprised by interesting fashionable symbiosis for mens overcoats 2019. Models showed incredibly concise men’s overcoats and jackets made of yellow cashmere.

Stylists propose to set off bright texture of outerwear using turtlenecks of neutral colors in ensemble. Turtleneck of black, dark green, gray color will be ideally suited for yellow double-breasted overcoat.

Sleeveless mens overcoats 2019

Sleeveless outfits affected male and female wardrobe in 2019. Flawless, elegant cut is combined with raw, torn edges, where it seems there are even left fragments of fabric.

Idea of sleeveless mens overcoats 2019 dominates in fashion collections of Maison Margiela and Raf Simons. Neil Barrett and Belstaff offer to emphasize lack of sleeves with contrasting color blocks.


Best winter jackets 2019: fashion styles

Bomber winter jackets for men 2019

In each season, couturiers come up with new unusual details for bomber jackets. Bomber jackets for men with fur collars are considered to be one of the best winter jackets 2019. Collars of bomber jackets can be in discreet colors or bright in fashion 2019.

Bomber jackets are sewn from thin woolen fabrics in 2019 fashion. Leather bombers are one of best winter jackets 2019. Tweed bomber jackets are also in 2019 fashion trend.

Tom Ford suggests tweed bomber jackets in military style for 2019 fashion look. You can also find stylish leather bomber jackets for men 2019 in Tom Ford’s fashion collection.

Bomber jackets with reptile print are considered trendy in 2019 fashion. Khaki color bomber winter jackets are one of the best winter jackets 2019.

Suede winter jackets for men 2019

Suede winter jackets look soft, emphasizing masculinity of silhouette, broad shoulders. Suede mens winter jackets 2019 are decorated with zipper or lacing. Blue suede winter jackets are one of the best winter jackets 2019.

Roberto Cavalli suggests fashionable suede winter jackets for men 2019 in bright colors. You can choose suede jackets with embroidery and floral prints in Cavalli’s fashion collection 2019 for men.


Floral winter jackets for men 2019

Many designers, such as Zara and Myntra suggest men show a little self-irony choosing floral print as a key detail for winter jackets 2019. Floral theme is one of the best winter jackets 2019 trends.

Harrington jackets for men 2019

Harrington style jackets were relevant in the last century in the 60s among skinheads. Designers presented Harrington jacket on catwalks of 2019 as alternative to leather jackets. Harrington jackets were worn by such famous people as Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.

Harrington jackets are one of the best winter jackets 2019 ideas. Harrington jackets with embroidery are one of fashionable ideas for winter jackets for men 2019. Harrington jackets are perfect for creating business image.

Ben Sherman offers stylish options of Harrington jackets for men 2019 in their fashion collection. You can choose wool Harrington jackets in blue, navy, green, beige and black colors.

Mens winter coats 2019: charming photo gallery of mens designer coats 2019


















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