New Years Eve Dresses 2019: Stylish Trends and Colors of New Year Dresses (Photos+Videos) 1

New Years Eve Dresses 2019: Stylish Trends and Colors of New Year Dresses (Photos+Videos)

Coming 2019 is the year of the Earth Pig. Astrologers recommend choosing dresses, considering characteristics of symbol of year.

It’s believed that in this case pig will be supportive and year will bring only victories and pleasant memories.

Designers and leading stylists have already prepared fashion collections for 2019, where among novelties you can choose New Years Eve dresses 2019 in classic or modern style. Let’s see what New Years Eve party dresses 2019 are in trend.


New Years Eve dresses 2019 and New Years Eve outfits 2019 on video


New Years Eve dresses 2019: current colors and finishes

List of trendy colors and shades of New Years Eve dresses 2019 to which attention should be paid:

  • yellow
  • silver
  • brown
  • red
  • blue.

Each of named colors has rich palette, but experts recommend choosing not bright, but light or, on the contrary, deep tones.

These dresses emphasize elegance of female image and fit into festive atmosphere.


Mixing of several colors is allowed in fashion 2019. So, noble brown outfit will be able to revive and decorate yellow or golden details. To refresh image will help union of silver and blue. Woman who decides to wear silver-red dress will certainly become object of admiring glances in 2019.


Those who prefer more conservative style, can choose white or black New Years Eve dresses 2019, but in this case, outfit should be supplemented with bag or shoes of recommended shades.

In 2019 it’s advisable to give up rhinestones and beads. Emphasis should be placed on rich fabric (velvet or guipure inserts), drapery and embroidery.



New Years Eve dresses 2019: fashionable styles

Fashion designers don’t focus on one style, on the contrary, women are offered to stay in complete freedom of choice for New Years Eve dresses 2019. You can choose following styles for New Year dresses:


Sheath dresses are in high demand since they are suitable for any shape and age.


Balloon dresses are also found in New Years Eve outfits 2019 trends. Women with slim shape can safely choose this option of New Year 2019.

Babydoll dress is short flared dress with high waist. Thanks to model of such cut, by wearing babydoll dresses will be  possible to create flirty outfit.

A-silhouette dresses are in fashion as New Years Eve party dresses 2019. Laconic, not fitted cut is compensated by fabric with interesting texture, guipure inserts or embroidery elements.


Empire style outfits or Greek-style dresses are also in trends as New Years Eve dresses 2019. These are fashionable dresses with high waist and soft drape skirt. This style can be called one of the most feminine and soft styles.

Mermaid dress is also fashionable. These are fitting long dresses to the floor with skirt flared from knee.


Review of New Years Eve party dresses 2019

In addition to timeless classics (models in Empire style and sheath dress), designers have prepared few outfits that will become win-win options in 2019. Each of proposed New Years Eve party dresses 2019 fully meets requirements of main trends. Among them:

  • yellow dresses
  • outfits with trendy print
  • short club and cocktail dresses
  • dresses to the floor.


Yellow New Years Eve dresses 2019

Yellow dresses are included in list of the most demanded as New Years Eve dresses 2019. Bright yellow is not suitable for every woman, but there are many shades of yellow, that will be suitable for any appearance.

Owners of summer color type should choose muted yellow shades, sometimes with hints of gray. In list of optimal options are lemonade, linen and sandy hues.


Representatives of winter color type can safely choose bright New Years Eve dresses 2019 with hints of mimosa, golden yellow and canary tints.

Emphasize elegance and femininity of spring type girl will be able light shades of yellow: champagne, ripe corn and so on.

Spectacular appearance of autumn type women is best complemented by deep shades of yellow, such as mustard.


New Years Eve party dresses 2019 with patterns

Many women tend to choose plain clothes because they seem to be universal. For festive evening you should pay attention to New Years Eve party dresses 2019 with prints. Designers offer:

  • geometry – such print would be appropriate in any setting during 2019
  • floral motifs – these can be large flower buds or intricate weaves
  • Baroque drawing – model with such print looks luxurious and unusual even with the most simple cut.



Beautiful short dresses for girls

Girls with slim figure can safely choose beautiful New Years Eve party dresses 2019 of short length. Such outfits benefit accents, but at the same time provide convenience and comfort.

In list of New Years Eve outfits 2019 are styles of babydoll dresses, balloon, and A-silhouette styles. Sophisticated fashionistas will pay attention to polo-sport-chic dress, which has received wide distribution over past year .


For meeting of New Year 2019 in club will fit short dress-fitting silhouette. In this case, decor of sequins or with inclusion of shiny threads will be appropriate. Asymmetrical cut or transforming dress (with removable train) will help to add bold notes to your outfit.


Long evening dresses for New Year 2019

Long dresses in to floor are often chosen by women of middle and older age. For meeting of New Year 2019, models in Greek style or with A-silhouette style will be suitable.


New Years Eve outfits 2019: color spectrum

Fashionable colors of New Years Eve outfits 2019, since it will be held under sign of Yellow Earth Pig, natural predominance of natural shades, such as brown, green, orange, yellow will be logical.

Trendy yellow color is represented in all its variety like apricot, canary, citric, banana, saffron, champagne and gold.


Stylists also recommend paying attention in 2019 to dark gray, olive, sea tones with notes of turquoise, indigo, and ultramarine.

In order to create feminine image for New Year 2019, you can turn to pastel shades. Hot hit of season 2019 is red dress. This is win-win option for confident girls who want to be center of attention.

However, don’t forget, that red New Years Eve dresses 2019 is self-sufficient thing and don’t tolerating competition, so makeup should be neutral. Lipstick is better to choose maroon or transparent.

New Years Eve outfits 2019: do it yourself

Dress of your dream for New Year 2019 is quite possible to create with your own hands, and ability to sew is not necessary. The easiest way is to take simple black or white sheath dress and embroider it with pearls, sequins, sparkles and glass beads.


As option for 2019, make unusual belt to your dress. Elastic band is sheathed with beads, multi-colored beads and stones. In order to have an expensive and festive look, fittings must be in high quality.

Lace details will help to refresh and transform your outfit. Lace is sewn fragmentary or in form of inserts. In any case, decor elements will look aesthetical and festive. You can decorate New Years Eve outfits 2019 with flirty bow that will accentuate romance and femininity of New Year’s look.





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