Womens Jeans 2019: Top Trendy Styles and Ideas of Jeans for Women 2019 1

Womens Jeans 2019: Top Trendy Styles and Ideas of Jeans for Women 2019

For several decades, denim style has permeated all social sectors of society.

People of all professions, ages, and genders can find something of their own. And most importantly, they are suitable for everyone, with any figure, and in many situations. What kind of womens jeans 2019 fashion designers offer fashionistas?


Womens jeans 2019: fashion trends

Among all jeans fashion models, boyfriend jeans, flared jeans and skinny, as well as classics and straight-cut jeans, claim one of the first places in womens jeans 2019 fashion collections. However, designers Jonathan Simkhai, Lacoste, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga presented wide cut jeans for women 2019.



Popular brands for womens jeans 2019

Some of popular designers for 2019 resembles bloomers, others – cargo pants with patch pockets and slit pockets. Look through fashion shows of Maison Margiela and Natasha Zinko. Banana shape also found in womens jeans 2019 trends and they are pretty popular.


Torn jeans also remained in jeans trends 2019. You have probably heard about sensational jeans from the Californian brand Carmar: jeans leaves your feet almost naked. Of course, this is extreme option.

Jeans with holographic finishing are also in womens jeans 2019 trends. Holographic effects on legs will instantly bring your jeans to modish category.

Womens jeans 2019 with appliques and decor

Appliques and decorations are also trendy and found in womens jeans 2019 trends. Decorated jeans are back in fashion! Appliques and patches, pearls and metal pendants, abundant juicy jewelry is one of the hottest trends in womens jeans for 2019.


In 2019 season, some jeans models are offered in combination with prints, embroidery or appliques. These jeans are well combined with vests and jackets. Blouses and shirts are also suitable, but with more concise decor or print.


Any model goes well with bomber jackets, T-shirts and tops. As for shoes, for wearing with jeans in 2019, flat shoes are preferable: sneakers, moccasins, sleepers, slip-ons. For example, designers Brandon Maxwell, Chloe, Oak offer pumps, sandals and boots to wear with womens jeans 2019.


Stylish trends for womens jeans 2019

Wide jeans are also found in womens jeans 2019 trends. Flare from knee or from hip, or maybe just wide sailor trousers – this is guaranteed trend in world of women jeans fashion for 2019.


Cropped jeans are also fashionable in 2019. Ideal length is 5-10 cm above ankle. However, there are no strict rulesto wear this type.


Jeans-constructors are also trendy and we found them in jeans for women 2019 fashion trends. These kinds of jeans pants are collected from different types of fabric or even different pants. Layering is one of general trend of 2019, and denim is not an exception.


We can also see jeans with fringe in fashionable womens jeans 2019. Fringe is generally must-have of this season. Fringe can be as part of denim and have fundamentally different color and structure.

Velvet jeans 2019

Velvet jeans are stunning trend of 2019 season, which is universal, cozy, comfortable, surprisingly pleasant to touch. Trendy colors of season for velvet jeans 2019 are red, brick, red-brown, chocolate, black and indigo.


Jeans for women 2019: stunning ideas

Skinny jeans don’t leave fashion. However, this is not surprising: slender girls are unlikely to ever decide to constantly hide their graceful legs under universal cut pants.


Skinny jeans for woman 2019

Skinny jeans have long been loved by girls. They came into fashion in the 70s, gained popularity in the 80s thanks to punk rock, and in the 2000s they were already in basic wardrobe of almost all girls. However, it should be noted that skinny jeans are not for everyone, but only for tall and slim shaped girls.

When buying skinny jeans, make sure that they stretch slightly and fit tightly to leg, emphasize hips, but don’t flatten them. In modern fashion, skinny jeans give way to jeans with more extended cut.


Womens jeans 2019 for mom’s

Review films of the 1980s-1990s and everything will become obvious. High landing, free, not chilling movement cut jeans were trendy. These jeans are ideal for girls who aren’t ready to die out with diets and want to enjoy comfort and life in general. Womens jeans 2019 for mom’s are inseparable part of fashion trends.


Eternal classics are straight cut, medium or high fit, legendary brand on leather label on back. Classic jeans, perhaps, never go out of fashion.

It’s extremely convenient from economic point of view, agree?

Jeans for women 2019: other stylish trends and ideas

Boyfriend jeans came into fashion relatively recently, and in season of 2019 they will remain relevant. This is free cut jeans that fit any shape. With proper selection of other items of image, they won’t deprive your femininity.

Boyfriend jeans for women 2019

Boyfriend jeans will hide your full hips and legs and emphasize waist. In addition, they gained their popularity due to softness of material from which they are made. This model, like no other, is suitable to make cuffs, which also found in jeans for women 2019 fashion trends. Check out Levi’S, Current Elliot and Gap jeans.


Hippies brought into fashion flared denim jeans in the 70s. With this model, you can create elegant and stylish look.

In recent years, flared jeans are trying to press skinny ones. But skinnies firmly hold on to their place of honor, because every self-respecting girl, even without ideal shape, considers it her duty to have skinny jeans in wardrobe. By the way, cuffs on narrow models and, in any case, on flared jeans should not be done.


Fashionable ripped womens jeans 2019

Ripped jeans, or models with cuffs, have been popular for several seasons in a row, and in new 2019 season they still remain relevant. Boyfriend ripped womens jeans 2019 will be trendy.

Aged ladies should carefully approach such image so as not to be older than their age. It’s better to use jeans with cuffs, and don’t wear ripped jeans, it won’t look marvelous.


Torn parts of jeans should be carefully chosen, otherwise it will look like vulgar or scruffy.

Overalls, as fashion trends 2019

Overalls, too, is not new phenomenon, but they are popular in womens jeans 2019 fashion. In order to make it clear that this is denim jumpsuit and not pants, you shouldn’t wear something over it, which means that it’s better to wear overalls in warmer weather. So you still have time to purchase original jumpsuit for new season.


Black tight-fitting jeans look great, but note, that only skin-tight one. White models are not for everyone. Rate your shape with criticism.



High and medium fit jeans for woman 2019

Jeans with high and medium fit are also popular in 2019. If you wear jeans almost every day, you need to have several pairs, preferably in different styles. Don’t buy models that are clearly small for you.






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