Womens Handbags 2019: Astounding Trends of Charming Handbags for women 2019 1

Womens Handbags 2019: Astounding Trends of Charming Handbags for women 2019

Handbag is a detail of image, reflection of taste and way to emphasize individual style.

You can keep up with fashion trends with help of handbag, sometimes not even spending on topical clothes. Each of 2019 women’s handbags has prominent design and its own character combined with practical properties.

Let’s see what womens handbags 2019 are in trend.


Womens handbags 2019: stylish trends

Large and miniature comfortable bags over shoulder will return to fashion 2019. Womens handbags 2019 with wild animal motifs, such as tiger stripes and reptile skin patterns will be godsend for those who appreciate discreet luxury.

Lovers of roomy bags will appreciate fashionable backpacks with large patch pockets in fashion 2019. Minimalist style fans will definitely fall in love with hit of 2019: bags that repeat texture and pattern of outerwear.

Mini handbags 2019 and clutches over shoulder

Small handbag is indispensable piece of wardrobe. Handbags on straps-chains are relevant in 2019 fashion. Especially if metal element is repeated on body of bag.

Pay attention to mini handbags 2019 of original forms, such as round, polygonal or imitating flower bud. Flower style clutch can be worn for evening or cocktail dress in 2019 fashion.

You can choose mini bags and clutches over shoulder in Miu Miu’s womens handbags 2019 collection. Miu Miu offers pearl-embellished mini bags, mini leather shoulder bags, mini cross body bags, textured mini bags, woven pom-pom shoulder bags in ladies handbags 2019 fashion collection.

Roomy backpacks 2019

If you prefer sporty style of clothing or follow street style laws, you will love current bulky backpacks 2019. Solid design and a lot of patch pockets make backpack stylish and practical.

Choose backpack in minimalist style and wear it with any sets of clothes: womens jeans 2019 and T-shirts, dresses and shoes with heels in 2019 fashion.

Rebecca Minkoff offers bucket backpacks, suede backpacks, studded and duo backpacks, denim and gradient backpacks for women 2019 in her fashion collection.


Bags 2019: trendy ideas

Ladies handbags 2019 with animal prints

Leopard handles and straps from reptile leather or artificial analogs have long been considered stylish and fashionable decoration for actual bags. Inserts with imitation of animal skins will be in womens handbags 2019 trend.

It’s better if animal pattern is only on part of bag: on side ends, top flap, handles or straps, rather than covering it completely. Exception will be small ladies handbags 2019 of monochromatic patent leather or matte leather, imitating texture of reptile skin.

Dolce & Gabbana suggests stylish womens handbags 2019 with leopard print. Choose leopard print Sicily bags, leopard print tote bags, shoulder bag with leopard print, leopard clutches are the most popular ladies handbags 2019 in Dolce & Gabbana’s collection.

Punk-style rivet bags for women 2019

Punk-style rivet bags won’t scare you with spikes or coarse rivets associated with informal youth movement. Round dark metal rivets, small medals, metal ornate figurines and chains with pendants will make your bag extraordinary and trendy in 2019.

These gruff jewelry look perfect on plain-colored bags and briefcases made of smooth matte leather, as well as bright bags with colored textile inserts in 2019 women’s handbags fashion.

Look through Giorgio Armani’s womens handbags 2019 collection. You will find curved hobo style bags, worn tote style bags, folded style shoulder bags and document style satchel bags in Armani’s 2019 women’s handbags collection.


Ladies handbags 2019: stylish options

Package handbags for women 2019

Package bags will be fashionable accessory in fashion 2019. Soft material allows wearing package bags in two ways: directly behind handles, in armpit when folded. We get nice transformer bag, which can play role of large clutch bag during the day and will serve as shopping bag in the evening.

Choose womens handbags 2019 with quilted elements for cold season. Thin handbag made of thick natural fabric with leather upper part and bottom will look trendy for summer 2019.

Handbags for women 2019 of unusual shapes

Fashionable novelties of 2019 include handbags of unusual shapes. Designers have developed models in form of can with pop, church censer, Aladdin lamp.

Handbags of unusual shapes are often made of metal in golden color, decorated with multi-colored crystals and rhinestones. You will meet unusual shaped handbags in Dolce & Gabbana’s 2019 women’s handbags collection.


2019 women’s handbags: trendy colors and prints

Trendy colors for 2019 women’s handbags:

  • dark blue;
  • chocolate brown;
  • beige;
  • cold blue;
  • red;
  • burgundy;
  • gray;
  • black;
  • purple.

Alternative to solid models of womens handbags 2019 is bright and multi-colored in color-blocking style, decorated with appliqués with floral or abstract motifs 2019 women’s handbags.

Ladies handbags 2019 are decorated with logos of popular brands. Fashion houses, such as Fendi, Dior, Balenciaga, Chanel, Louis Vuitton decided to take advantage of possibility of additional advertising on ladies handbags 2019.

Images of animals, such as dogs, cats, horses, monkeys on bags of different shapes and sizes are arguing with logomania trend on womens handbags 2019. These cute pictures fit perfectly into casual look and create slight style contrast with business wardrobe in 2019.

Another trend of 2019 women’s handbags is animal prints, in particular, leopard print.


Handbags for women 2019: trendy styles and materials

Rectangular and trapezoidal bags 2019 of classic frame-shaped and neutral colors suit for business wardrobe. Bright, printed, decorated womens handbags 2019 will fit for everyday look.

Natural leather with matte or metalized texture handbags for women 2019 is also trendy options. Patent leather and suede handbags have lost their leading position in 2019. Thanks to lovers of eco-materials, textile handbags 2019 remain in trend.

Handbags sewn from cotton, wool, polyester and other durable materials will be suitable for everyday use in 2019 fashion. Silk, satin and velvet handbags for women 2019 will be perfect for evening look.

Designers have used fringe, stones, rhinestones, applications, fur inserts, metal pens and decorative details as womens handbags 2019 decor. Quilted and fur handbags 2019 are also in fashion.


Purses 2019: trendy options

Leather or suede purses 2019 are in trend. Silicone purses of various forms, as well as denim and lacquer purses are also in 2019 fashion.

Purses 2019 in minimalist style is in trend. Purses in delicate color combinations, such as pink, blue and beige shades are in 2019 fashion. Classical black, brown, dark blue and burgundy colors also remain popular in 2019 fashion.

Purses with gold and silver trim are considered trendy options in 2019. Surface of purses is complemented by ornaments and prints depicting flowers, butterflies and animals in fashion 2019. Purses with geometric, ethnic and abstract motifs are especially popular in fashion 2019.

Mascotte’s purses 2019 from noble suede, natural leather or soft silk will appeal to even the most demanding customers. Mascotte brand has used captivating burgundy and cognac shades, deep dark tones for purses 2019 collection.

You’ll like Chester’s purses 2019 with floral prints, as well as products made in rich orange and blue shades, characterized by high quality and excellent functionality.

Designers of Valentino preferred denim of delicate shades, embroidery made with white threads for ladies handbags 2019. Valentino’s designers tried to create airy image with slight vintage effect in their purses collection of 2019.

In addition to corporate motif with heart, Moschino purses 2019 are decorated with stylish and bold applications, inscriptions, straps and snakes. Moschino’s purses of 2019 are suitable for everyday use and create unique style for bright and cheerful day.


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